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Melinda Stewart
Melinda has loved this business since graduating from college when she started working for a major exhibit house in Chicago.  

From there she eventually started her own Installation and Dismantle business over 20 years ago here in Northern California.  

Over the years she has filled every role in the trade show business connected with getting the client's booth show ready on that opening day.
Thane Williams
Thane started in the construction business as a teen, eventually obtaining his General Contractor's license and establishing his own business. Building high-end cabinetry became his speciality.    

In the trade show business, his passion is seeing the exhibit in all its splendor the hour the show opens.

There is a lot of knowledge and skill needed to get to that point and he has that knowledge and skill to get it there.  
About OnSite Exhibitor Service
Melinda Stewart and Thane Williams have individually been in the trade show industry for over 25 years.  They have experience in every aspect of getting the exhibit to the show floor, meeting the client's expectations; always going the extra mile.  Their goal is helping to create an exceptionally enjoyable trade show experience.  

We are looking forward to the opportunity of being there for you.  
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We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals.
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